John Katumba to protest after police squeezed his balls

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Independent Presidential candidate John Katumba has vowed to protest against the manner in which he was brutally handled by police this week.

The 24-year-old claims that police squeezed his private parts as they attempted to arrest him in Fort Portal city.

As a result of the discomfort, he was forced to sit down on the road in pain because he couldn’t stand properly.

“The reason why you saw me sitting down in the middle of the road was pain that I suffered after that man grabbed me by my private parts,” Katumba mentioned.

He revealed that he will walk from his home in Ntinda to the Electoral Commission officers on Monday next week to demand an explanation for his harassment.

Katumba was at the centre of a standoff as the security detail provided by the Electoral commission fiercely fought off other officers from within the area while the latter attempted to arrest him.

The police argue that they wanted him to pass through Bukwali village as he headed to Bunyangabu district.

However, Katumba insisted on passing through the heart of Fort Portal city, prompting them to block him.

Katumba’s guards emerged victorious and whisked him away to safety.

Check out the video of the scuffle below.

Video courtesy of NTV Uganda

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