John Katumba promises monthly Christmas celebrations and allowances once elected president

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Independent Presidential Candidate John Katumba has once again cracked the ribs of the electorate after he made a hilarious promise to allow monthly Christmas celebrations once he gets into office.

The Makerere University graduate noted that the annual celebrations at the end of the year are far away and he will address this by having the celebrations on a monthly basis.

According to Katumba, his government will go the extra mile and buy clothes to financially struggling families if at all they are worried about what to wear on the monthly celebrations.

“In my government, we can have it monthly and if you’re worried about clothes for the children and food, the Finance Ministry will always provide,” Katumba promised.

He also faulted President Museveni for denying Ugandans the right to celebrate Christmas regularly.

“Museveni is selfish. He is using all the oil money and he cannot give you Christmas every month as you would want.” Katumba added.

Katumba has made several hilarious promises including free music studios for upcoming artistes, football stadiums in every district, and a house for each family.

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