IUIU students to protest against functional fees and online learning

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A section of learners at the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) have vowed to protest against virtual learning and high functional fees.

The students led by a one Kasozi claim that the ERP system that the institution uses for online learning is inefficient.

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Thus it cannot fit the purpose of adequately teaching learners.

The ERP is like a database platform where you merely information is posted for other people to access it. It is like a messaging app,” a student mentioned.

They also claim that the other option Zoom is not feasible because of the relatively high data usage that is prohibitive to some students.

The students are also unhappy that they have to pay full tuition fees even though they will learn remotely.

They consider that unfair and would like to have the fees revised.

With regards to functional fees, the students argue that these should be revised since not all services will be utilised.

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Why should we pay medical fees, computer fees, and library fees when we are away. We choose to reject those,” another student lamented.

They have students have vowed to use all provisions in the constitution to protest against the move.

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