HUSTLER: Meet Dennis, a Master’s degree finalist with over 30 certificates hawking eggs for a living

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Along the streets of Nairobi city, you won’t fail to find Dennis Obilo, a master’s degree finalists who is currently hawking eggs to earn a living.

He states that he chose to sell eggs after his search for a job hit a snag despite having a multitude of academic documents onto his name.

Dennis also holds a Diploma and a Bachelor’s degree in procurement and supply chain and has more than 30 certificates and recommendations.

“Cumulatively, I have over 30 certificates and recommendation papers but all of them have not been useful up to this point,” he sadly noted.

Dennis narrates that his academic journey has been one through a path of thorns and arrows. He reports that he has mainly survived academically through his usual hustles and scholarships.

He states that after graduating in 2018 with a second class upper degree, missing the prestigious First class category by a point, his chancellor at the University of Nairobi was impressed by his performance and offered to pay for his Master’s classes which commenced in 2019.

“I am doing my final semester, if it were not for coronavirus, I would have graduated,” he remarked.

Dennis regrets the pain of looking for a job in vain. He narrates that he has always relied on friends and well-wishers to survive. Worse still, he has to provide for his family back in the village.

Dennis says that the capital to start the business of selling eggs was given to him by his friend. He reports that it has been able to sustain him to date but is not satisfactory enough to clear his bills.

Given his academic qualifications, Dennis feels he deserves better and therefore is seeking support from any well-wisher.

“My request is if anybody has a job that can help me earn something at least to support my family at home and cater for my bills, I will really appreciate,” Dennis appealed.

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