HOSTEL BEEF: We survived your hooliganism – Valley courts residents rejoice after Akamweesi Hostel bans Play Stations

Akamweesi hostel bans play stations
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Over the course of last week, Mubs Nakawa based hostel Akamweesi released new guidelines among which included the banning of Play stations.

Akamweesi hostel is a high end hostel dominated by rich kids who categorise a play station as an essential.

Because of the changes in the past week, The neighbours, Valley courts hostel residents are rejoicing.

“We have finally survived the hooliganism from Akamweesi Hostel, those guys used to make noise for us because of those play stations but now we sleep in our peace. Thank God they banned them.” A resident of Valley Courts hostel identified as Jones told this website.

However, some residents at the posh hostel still own the play stations but management has vowed to confiscate all of them. “We shall confiscate and fine whoever owns a play station. They are illegal. It is clearly stated.” One of the Akamweesi hostel custodians told our reporter.

This could be another beef arising between the hostels. We shall keep you posted

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