HOSTEL BEEF: We shall keep ‘eating’ your babes because you are broke – Akamweesi Hostel residents respond to Valley Courts hooliganism accusation

Akamweesi hostel bans play stations

A day ago, we published an article about the Valley Courts and Akamweesi Hostel beef that was sparked by the new rules the former’s management implemented.

The Valley Courts hostel residents were rejoicing after they survived hooliganism manners from Akamweesi residents like making unnecessary noise throughout the night because of the PlayStations that were banned by the hostel.

Now it seems the Akamweesi residents are not ready to lose this battle as they have responded to the chants by their neighbours.

Lamar, Akamweesi resident told this website that the Valley courts residents who referred to them as hooligans are instead the real definition of hooliganism. He went ahead to brand them broke.

How do those broke boys from a cheap hostel like Valley Courts dare call us hooligans? They are the real hooligans. And I can assure you, we shall keep eating their women while they are sleeping because of hunger – Lamar told our reporter

Well, this seems to be drama just unfolding as these Port Bell road neighbours battle for supremacy.

We shall keep you posted as the drama unfolds.


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