Horror At Makerere University As Halls Of Residence Run Out Of Condoms

Makerere University ranked 5th best in Africa
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Makerere University students residing in several halls of residence in in a sccare following a terrible condoms crisis.

Info that has landed our news desk indicates that there are no condoms at any of the halls and the residents are bitter.

“Block Q condoms are done please mutuyambe I can live without power nae I can’t live with AIDS – One of the students posted in a whatsapp group

Authorities at the University have termed this as an emergency issue and asked students to pick more cartons from the university hospital.

According to research conducted five years ago by the Ministry of Health, Makerere halls of residence use over 4000 condoms a week. The research was based on the number of condoms supplied by the ministry excluding those who buy their own protection.

It has come to our understanding that the authorities place two boxes of condoms at each block every week. Each box contains 100 pieces, so each week a block uses 200 condoms on average. There are twenty blocks on the smallest halls.

This crisis has been attributed to the continued cold weather, the sexy freshers.

A snapshot of a message that one of the residents posted in a whatsapp group.
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