Gulu University students turned away over failure to meet COVID-19 guidelines

James Ojok Onono, the Gulu University Public Relations Officer revealed that the institution last week turned away 60 students who had not undergone management training on COVID-19 that was required prior to acceptance back to the University.

The University had made it clear that each finalist had to undergo the special training before they would be accepted back to complete their studies.

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The University Guild President has however clashed with the management over the decision taken against the students citing the fact that notification of resumption was on short notice and did not give all the students time to prepare and promptly report.

He has asked the management to reverse its decision and conduct a special training rather than the closing the gate.

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He further explained that most of the victims are from Kamuli and its neighbouring Districts who are yet struggling to get transport and requirements needed to return to the University.

“We can’t accept this and that is why the University Management should reverse its decision taken ” Noowe stated.

The University also enrolled both the academic and non0academic staff on a similar training to enhance their preparations for the fight against COVID-19.

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