Gulu University graduates condemn delayed issuance of their transcripts

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Students that received various awards from Gulu University’s recent graduation ceremony have condemned the failure of the institution to promptly deliver their transcripts and instead subject them to a long wait.

While commenting on the issue via social media, the affected individuals state that the delay is a chronic issue at the university and has reoccurred over the years, costing them valuable opportunities such as jobs and scholarships.

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The students say that despite engagement of the administration by the students guild, this shortcoming has never been amicably solved, and students continue waiting for long even after graduating.

Despite completing their studies in August 2019 and graduating in January 2020, there is no sign that the transcripts will be delivered soon, something that has angered them.

Other institutions such as Makerere and Cavendish University seem to have found a way of navigating this hurdle and are known o issue transcripts before or immediately after the graduation ceremony.

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We shall keep you informed about further developments.


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