Guaranteed ways to charm her and escape the friend zone

Campus is filled with a sea of beauties, with Makerere University Business School guys consistently bragging about how they are spoilt for choice because of the mammoth number of gorgeous ladies available. Many gentlemen have the belief that money rules and is the key to a ladies’ heart. However, one should be aware that the Café Javas, nights out, and gifts need to be enhanced with an exceptional personal touch, or else the investment will not fetch returns, and one will end up in the friend zone. Here are a few tips to enable a guy up their game:

Make her laugh
Everyone wants a partner who has a sense of humor. If you are a funny guy among your peers, try it when with her as well. Women value their partners ability to make them laugh and find such a quality extremely attractive.

Wear cologne
Women find wearing a cologne or a signature spray very attractive. This is because this builds a man’s confidence. When you feel sexier and more confident, women pick up on that and find you more attractive.

Save that beard
Well beards are a gift from God, with some men gifted and others still waiting for their miracle. Women find guys with a thick beard more attractive than one with a clean shave.

Steer clear of selfies
Guys who often post selfies on their social media platforms are considered cheeky and not taken seriously. Yes, that’s right! Selfies are more of a girly affair and men should consider this a no-go zone. Even a six-pack shirtless display may not be impressive and will attract comments such as “no work.’

Smile at her
Men who let their smiles spread slowly across their faces are considered more attractive than those who always claim to be serious.

Keep fit and strong
Studies indicate that women rate built men more sexually desirable than thin, non-muscles dudes. However, take care not to have too many muscles as a Golola Moses look can be seen a turn off.

Ditch that corny pickup line
People are more likely to favour a man for a long-term relationship if he uses direct opening lines (I saw you across the road and had to meet you. What’s your name?) rather than loose statements like (I want to talk to you beautiful girl or I am begging please give me your number)

It speaks volumes about how you conduct yourself and your level of confidence. Women rate men with an open body posture, legs spread, arms stretched as hotter than guys who sat with their legs together and arms folded. Open body language is considered a signal of dominance.

Get her flowers
Gifting her a bouquet of flowers can influence how a woman sees you. Flowers signal romance, enhance her mood and make her feel special.

Written by

Joshua Amaitum

A creative and passionate writer who loves to work magic with words