Government to ban ‘Tumbiza Sound’ hit over misinformation

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The Ministry of Health has asked the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) to ban the club banger ‘Tumbiza Sound’ over claims that its message is misleading the public on COVID-19 SOPs.

“The message in the song has caused misinformation among different audiences and subsequently created complacency among the public,” read a letter from the Ministry of Health to UCC.

The song by Eric Opoka, aka EezZy, has been rocking the airwaves for the past few months and garnered over 500,000 views on YouTube.

“Mwe bwemuba mu lockdown, ffe tuba mu bend down,” loosely translated to “While you are in lockdown for us we are shaking it down,” is one of the controversial statements that wasn’t well-received by officials from the Ministry of Health.

While appearing on Uncut recently, EezZy revealed that those against his song had failed to correctly interpret its message.

“The song has no bad mind, I did the song because of the situation we are in right now, and I was simply raising my voice for the people. If you listen clearly, I was just asking for the MoH to ease the lockdown. It has a message to send to the concerned people but I also sang it for the fan bit of it,” he mentioned.

In related news, the Ministry of Health confirmed 710 new cases, pushing the total to 30,071 confirmed in Uganda. 2 more deaths occurred leading to a total of 230.

Check out the statement below. We shall keep you posted.

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