Four girls arrested for leaking their nude pics on Social Media

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Police in Rwanda have detained four young women who are accused of posting their nude pictures on social media.

The four girls were captured and arrested for posting their nude pics on social media with the aim of seducing men, something which is illegal.

Upon being questioned, they admitted to having been drunk when they committed the offense and one of the suspects told media today that she was unaware that such an act was illegal in the country.

The Police’s investigations bureau (RIB) on Friday paraded the four suspects (names withheld) and said they could face up to 2 years behind bars, and/or a fine.

According to RIB interim spokeswoman Dominique Bahorera, the women are believed to have been paid to strip naked by an unknown person, with the intent of selling the content.

Meanwhile, the RIB spokesperson warned that even other Rwandans including artists who tend to dress suggestively will face arrest and imprisonment publishing and transmitting obscene messages through a computer or the internet.

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