Former UNSA Pesident Jothan Burubuto reportedly trades student souls and interests for golden handshake

jothan Borubuto unsa

Drawing back from his history as Speaker at Makerere, he has always been fishy in everything he touches.

As it is his common manoeuvre, he is currently a team leader of youth faction called Progressive Youth Platform.

Close sources say this is all in the guise of languishing in the hefty smiles towards the bank as 2021 ambitions intensify.

The former UNSA President is said to have sold out so as to get funding from statehouse for his PYP initiative.

Jothan alias Jaja Yamu is said to have dined with the devil so as to foster a personal agenda and in turn consequently, handed UNSA on a silver platter to be guillotined.

This has not gone well with comrades in the struggles who are seen to haul insults to him on social media as reigning MAK Guild President was quoted in a post on Facebook. “Betrayed by our generation.” A long post by Kateregga Julius was headlined.


Patrick Odongo

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