Former Mitchel Hall Chairman arrested for refusing to vacate the Guild Chambers

polly bandolla arrested

The former Chairperson of Mitchel hall Polly Bandolla who also served as the Chairperson of the Unpopular Tuition increment committee was yesterday arrested after he refused to vacate the guild chambers which are supposed to be occupied by the Current Guild President Katterega Julius.

The Chambers were given to him on the directives of the Vice Chancellor Prof. Nawangwe as an appeasement for him to sign the 15% Tution increment policy.

When he was asked to vacate after the end of tenure, he refused and went on to threaten the Warden of Mitchel hall and the Custodians who retaliated by calling police who evicted him forcefully before later arresting him.

Polly Bandolla is currently held at one of the Police posts in Makerere University

We shall keep you posted.