Former female students sting King’s College Budo over institutionalised sexism and bullying

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One of the oldest and most prestigious secondary schools in Uganda has received received wide criticism from former female students over the manner in which they were treated while studying there.

They have made disturbing revelations about how how they were treated unfairly compared to their male colleagues and were often bullied, undermined, and mocked, something that lowered their esteem.

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Tracy Rubondo posted a thread on Twitter in which she shared horrifying experiences of how girls were belittled at the expense of boys who got preferential treatment at the school.

The revelations have shocked many members of the public who were surprised about what goes on within the confines of the school premises.

In the Twitter thread, Tracy along with other girls express how their well being at the institution was just left at the mercy of God as even the teachers couldn’t come to their rescue while they were maliciously treated by these boys.

“They called us men in skirts,” one lady stated in her message.

The population of boys at Budo is relatively higher than that of the girls, something the girls believe motivated the domination and intimidation by their male counterparts.

“Six years of being a Budo girl, you had no choice but to become an impenetrable wall of self esteem and confidence with the capacity to persevere all circumstances” Tracy stated.

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These girls say many of them developed wounds some of which they ain’t sure will ever heal but proud they will never be in such a position anymore.

Here are some of the screenshots.

Click here to view Tracy Rukundo’s thread on Twitter.

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