Forbes ranks Makerere University second in producing entrepreneurs in Africa

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Makerere University Kampala has been ranked as the second best instituion in producing entrepreneurs in the Tech industry on the African continent by American business magazine forbes.

Within Africa, universities from countries with more mature entrepreneurial ecosystems took the top spots. University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University in South Africa held the 1st and 5th spots respectively. University of Lagos came in 3rd and the University of Nairobi in 4th, representing the startup powerhouses of Nigeria and Kenya. The only outlier was Makerere University in Uganda. Although it was the 2nd most productive school in educating entrepreneurs, Uganda is not one of the top recipient countries for startup capital.

According to Forbes’ website, Briter Bridges, a data-driven research company, came out with a new report last week, titled “Gender & Demographics in Africa’s Green & Digital Transformation.”

The report processed survey data from 2701 co/founders & c-level executives from 1904 startups operating across Africa. While all of the companies operated in Africa, 17.7% of the companies in the sample had headquarters outside of the continent.  

One of the things that the report looked at was education; where and what the entrepreneurs studied and the highest level of education achieved. Before moving forward with sharing the data, it’s important to note that the report specifically looked at entrepreneurs involved in Africa’s digital transformation. 

These findings are for the tech industry and in this study of tech entrepreneurs, having at least a bachelor’s degree was significant. In the sample, only 1% of participants had no degree, a license, or a certificate. Around 40% had a bachelor’s degree, 21% had obtained a master’s degree, and an additional 9% had an MBA. 3% of the sample held a PhD.

All of the Universities represented in the report are among the best, if not the best, universities within a given country. It therefore doesn’t seem to matter where you study, as long as it is an elite institution.

Click here to access the full report.

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