Females, Persons with Disabilities to benefit more from 2020/21 students loan scheme

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The Higher Education Students Financing Board (HESFB) has announce that it has introduced an affirmative action to benefit more girls and special needs students with government loans to pursue higher education.

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According to Mr. Michael Wanyama, the executive director of the HESFB, girls and PWDs will receive an extra five points during the selection process.

He also revealed that special needs students would be able to pursue a program of their choice as opposed to the past where they were restricted to science programs.

“There is also affirmative action for other programmes targeting people with special needs where we take people who have done humanities. We are trying to broaden our scope. When funds allow in future, we are gradually opening up space to take on more humanities. A person with special disabilities is eligible to do any course he has been admitted for. The board approved this,” he stated.

The state minister for higher education Hon. John Chrysostom Muyingo also recently urged students who face financial challenges when trying to raise tuition fees to utilize the loan scheme. This is a government initiative that seeks to see every Ugandan student who misses out on the national merit scholarship attain higher education.

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Hon. Muyingo made these remarks during the release of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) results. The scheme started in 2014. Every year the government puts aside Shs. 5 billion for student loans through Centenary Bank to cater to students who lack funding but qualify for science courses in higher institutions of learning.

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