Exposing the different styles of cheating exams used by campusers

Over the years, the number of cases related to cheating exams in Universities has been on a rise. This is because the students have continuously discovered modern cheating methods.

Today, we have decided to expose the different cheating methods used by campusers. Let’s take a ride.

The Saviour’s Palm

This is called the saviour’s palm simply because of the way it is employed. The guys employing this one are exceptional. They have the ability of summarizing an entire semester’s content on the palms and it’s really efficient because no one is gonna come asking you to turn your palms.

The Eagle Eye

This one is for the visually fit campusers. These guys have the capacity of eyeing content from a paper of a neighbour seated 4 meters adrift! Some people are naturally blessed by God! This move is killer though a few campusers can’t handle it.

The Elastic Neck

This is simply self explanatory and it is a survival technique for many. Some campusers who use it are confident enough not to read for the exams knowing that their elastic necks will bail them out.

The Short Call

This one is a crafty one although it needs some kind of courage asking for a short call in every paper. One of my friends used to employ this one before I got to know his trick I used to think the dude had some renal ailment. How this guy used to do this was to simply leave his summary book in the chores, go answers the questions he knows then uses the short call excuse to go and perfect. This was a very efficient tactic and he was always among the best. 

The Legendary

This is what we call taking stuff to a whole new level. There is this friend of mine in first year who used to carry a calculator in every paper and I used to wonder what was the guy calculating in an Ethics paper! Lucky enough one time I sat near him in an anatomy paper and at first I didn’t mind about blue light displayed by the calculator screen, perhaps it was a modern calculator I thought. It was until I saw a medulla oblongatta picture on the screen that I got to realize that indeed it wasn’t a calculator rather a phone! From that day on I highly respect the man.

So those are the common techniques employed, Know any you would like to share? Keep the conversation alive on our social media platforms.

However, we highly condemn cheating in exams. If you have not done so, don’t try this.


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