Exclusive Video: Olympia Hostel Resident Narrates How She Was Sexually Assaulted By Suspended Custodian

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At the start of this week, Makerere University’s Olympia Hostel management suspended their custodian a one Lauben who was accused of sexually assaulting female residents for years.

Hell broke loose for the reported sex pest custodian about a fortnight ago in what seemed to be a personal conflict between him and a former male resident who broke the of harrasement because Lauben wanted to have sex with his girlfriend but all was in vain.

This however, attracted the attention of the Students’ Guild headed by H.E Kateregga Julius and other University authorities who forced the management that had earlier given a deaf ear to suspend a one Lauben with immediate effect.

Because of these events, a former resident who prefers anonymity but claims to have been assaulted by the suspended custodian reached out to us to tell her story.

In an exclusive voice recording received by one of our snipers, the victim narrates how Lauben came to her room at at around 1:00 AM and attempted to rape her during her first semester.

The victim further reveals how the custodian used a master swipe card to get access to her room where he had earlier planted a box of condoms.

The victim claimed to have narrowly escaped rape through the balcony door before seeking asylum at a friend’s hostel.

The incident happened twice but she survived on both occassions.

The accused is currently suspended as further investigations into the matter are ongoing.

We cannot say, Click below to listen to the full confession by the victim

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