EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: MUBS-Mbarara Campus Students Caught On Camera Making Love At Big Fun Entertainment Centre

It is usual for campusers to chill around the most fancy recreation centres during weekends.

This is so because most of them share rooms so they want to find some good private time relaxing with their gilfriends and boyfriends.

However, some take it as an advantage to do everything they can’t do in their hostel rooms.

The couple was spotted enjoying the day as they kissed, smooched and almost played the adult game in the gardens of the recreation centre.

Earlier today, one of the Campus Cam snipers in Mbarara snooped a couple from Mubs Mbarara Campus having a good time at Big Fun Entertainment Centre, a popular hangout spot in the area.

Our sniper has identified the two as Akampulira Peace and Mark who are both studying a Bachelors of Commerce at MUBS Mbarara Campus.

We have also been informed that Mark is a resident at University Courts while Peace is a resident at Sweet Memories

Take a look at the video

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Our Reporter

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