EXCLUSIVE: Top UCU administrator also cited in election corruption scandal

The Mukono based Uganda Christian University has actually held the news high ever since the weekend started until now. For those who have been following up, you now know what is happening at the Anglican Church founded institution.

All the problems arising are as a result of the benefits of the UCU ANNUAL RUN which was organised by the current Guild Government headed by Mr Timothy Kadaga Kivunike and also the Guild fund.

However, as more secrets continue spilling over the way about of the missing funds, our snipers can now identify that there’s a top university administrator cited in the middle of the whole scandal. For all who have been following up the story, someone known as the DOSA has been at the center of the reports about the matter.

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DOSA stands for Dean of Students Affairs and currently this office is occupied by a one Ms. Bridget Mugasira, according to the various sources we have been informed that the DOSA is supposed to be the overseer of all Guild activities and this also includes the Guild funds.

In the process of releasing any of these funds, the concerned branch of the Guild Government is supposed to write a requisition which is signed by the Guild Finance Minister, the Guild President, the DOSA and the Vice-Chancellor.

According to our sources, none of these people signed and neither did the Guild Electoral Commission write a requisition before money that was used to prepare for the online voting could be released. On inquiry later on, the DOSA informed the Guild leaders that a total of 100m had been used yet the Guild claims that even within it’s whole term, not even a requisition of 30 m was released.

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This is what actually sparked off the firing of now the former EC boss John Bruce as the Guild leaders claim he allowed to be used by the DOSA as a shield as the Guild funds were getting misappropriated.

This however comes at a time when the Vice Chancellor ordered an auditing to go on within the DOSA’s office so as to find the accountability of these monies. Although still some students are still bothered by the fact that the DOSA is still in office even when it’s clear that she in someway used her office wrongly since she would have been sent out of office until the auditing is done.

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Other students have majorly attached it to the aspect that the Vice Chancellor is still a newbie who may not have well known or followed up on the matter from the start as others say the DOSA maybe one of the untouchables.
It’s however on record that a number of people have used that office to gain ransoms from Guild fees ever since way back as some have even started up schools. Campus cam is here to give you any new developments on the story