EXCLUSIVE: NRM reportedly behind Kyambogo University ‘People Power’ Guild President impeachment plot

For the past one week, there has been information circulating that Kyambogo University Guild President attached to Robert Kyagulanyi’s People Power pressure group will be impeached this Wednesday.

The reasons for impeachment were clearly indicated in an attached letter our snoops landed on.

Tundulu impeachment

However, latest information landing this news desk from the Banda based Kyambogo University indicates that NRM party has a hand in the plot to overthrow Mr. Jonathan Tundulu as the Guild President less than 6 months after taking charge of the top student’s office.

From an efficiently circulated WhatsApp story, an individual who calls himself “unclassified source” speaks about the raging rumours that have grown over time about the National Resistance Party’s Interference in the ongoing university politics of different institutions.

This source says that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, headed by our current president of Uganda, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has been was across institutions and buying off People Power Guild Presidents so as to weaken their influence within the universities.

This was supported by an eye witness report from the unclassified source, that after the admission ceremony at the fresher’s ball, a meeting was seen between the Vice Guild President, and the NRM guild speaker where discussions took place on how to remove the currently standing people power guild president, Honorable Tundulu Jonathan.

It is also where the two were heard talking about their plan to get the Guild President arrested through a summon to the police instructed by the vice chancellor to O/C CID Kyambogo Police.

Lastly it is through this meeting that the classified source learnt that some NRM party students in direct contact with the Vice chancellor have been deployed on ground to gather signatures of impeachment as way of supporting the Vice Guild president.