EezZy’s ‘Tumbiza Sound’ song may be banned by MoH

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Northern Uganda’s finest singer Eric Opoka aka EezZy’s song dubbed ‘Tumbiza Sound’ has been rocking the airwaves and garnering lots of attention, but could soon be stopped in its tracks because of coronavirus remarks.

According to our sources, the lyrics of the song dismiss the severity of COVID-19, something officials at the Ministry of Health haven’t found amusing at all.

“Mwe bwemuba mu lockdown, ffe tuba mu bend down,” loosely translated to “While you are in lockdown for us we are shaking it down,” is one of the controversial statements that has landed the artiste into hot soup.

The song also asks MoH to open bars and concerts saying they are willing to follow SOPs if that’s what they want.

Because of the misleading message, it is reported that the song is likely to be banned sooner than later.

While appearing on Uncut, EezZy said he heard the rumour but if it is true, he thinks they got it all wrong.

“The song has no bad mind, I did the song because of the situation we are in right now, and I was simply raising my voice for the people. If you listen clearly, I was just asking for the MoH to ease the lockdown. It has a message to send to the concerned people but I also sang it for the fan bit of it,” he mentioned in an interview with a media house.

When asked what he will do about it in case the song is banned, he said he believes he has the capability of doing an even better song than this one.

“Even if the song is banned I know I have the capability to release a song that is even better than this one because I write my music,” EezZY said.

Check out the music video below.

We shall keep you posted.

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