Education Ministry to permit phones, tablets in primary and secondary schools

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Students in lower institutions of learning may soon be allowed to have mobile phones and tablets in schools, according to the digital agenda plan being developed by the education ministry.

Currently, students in both primary and secondary schools are not allowed to carry phones to school.

According to education authorities, the Digital Agenda, which is also intended to address access to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in schools, is envisaged to allow students to own mobile gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets in school, as part of the e-learning tools.

The development was confirmed by Dr Jane Egau-Okou, the director of Higher Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) at the ministry, leading the technical team to develop the Digital Agenda.

The Digital Agenda has three main objectives, including addressing the ICT infrastructure, provision of equipment, such as computers to schools, and connecting schools.

The education ministry is, however, yet to develop guidelines to regulate the use of mobile gadgets in schools.

Parents are however sceptical about the move and have advised that if students are allowed to carry phones to schools, there ought to be strict regulations.

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