Education Ministry completes second phase of school inspection

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Officials from the Ministry of Education reveal that the second phase of schools’ inspections, meant to inform the re-opening of schools for lower classes has been completed.

Prior to the Christmas holiday, government dispatched a team of 1,840 inspectors to various parts of the country.

Following the completion, the teams will compile another report on the status of the schools in the country.

Schools were re-inspected to ascertain their compliance with the set Standard Operating Procedures, and their ability to receive more students in lower classes.

The first inspection okayed the reopening of schools for learners in candidate classes in October 2020.

University finalists were also permitted to resume studies.

Learners have been at home since March 2020 when schools were closed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To date, the country has reported 34,281 COVID-19 cases and 250 deaths.

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