Drama as MUST’s Ladies Flats Hostel residents claim their 40 inch flat screen was stolen by ghosts

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Residents of Lady’s Flats were left in shock over the weekend when their 40 inch flat screen that had been bought by Guild Counsel was stolen by yet to be established thugs in a manner that is still unexplainable.

According to one of the residents, the cage that was meant to keep the screen secure was not broken nor was it’s paddlock. They now claim the screen could have been taken by ghosts.

It is unexplainable. The paddlock and cage are okay but the screen is not there. Maybe it was taken by ghosts – A resident only identified as Susan told our reporter.

Ladies Flats hostel where the flat screen TV was stolen.
Ladies Flats hostel where the flat screen TV was stolen.

Currently, the 150 students who reside in the hostel are having the most boring time of their semester as majority of them don’t own screens.

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However, the hostel has not had a bad past record of ghosts and thieves but by press time, the residents were preparing to invite pastors to pray for the hostel as residents were scared that the same ghost that is believed to have taken the screen could take them too.

We shall keep you posted.

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