Dr. Stella Nyanzi & two Makerere students arrested while demonstrating over Tegu’s death

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Two Makerere University students have been arrested together with Dr. Stella Nyanzi, a former research fellow at the institution as they marched to Parliament to present a petition seeking justice for Emmanuel Tegu who died recently.

Emmanuel Tegu passed away after spending a week nursing injuries that the police claims were inflicted onto him by a mon.

However, a section of the public disputes the police narrative and claims that he was beaten by LDU officers.

The police is currently investigating the matter and four suspects have so far been charged in court.

The protesters had carried along Tegu’s ‘bloodied University gown’ and were set to camp at parliament for a week.

The protest was also seeking for a stop to police brutality.

We shall keep you informed about further developments.

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