Deeds Not Words – UCU’s Martha Matic Shares her Inspiration Behind Leadership

Today I present to you our Woman Crush Wednesday! The resilient, strong, iron lady and a dreamer, one that has become the face of her own imagination. Martha Matic Gwitabingi a third-year law student and also an aspirant for the position of Member of Parliament for Nonresidents, Female at Uganda Christian University.

Meeting Martha for this interview felt like another normal routine, I, having mastered the courage of being inquisitive. But today my knowledge of a humble background has changed, for the simplicity in the reality she has lived makes me question if any other person would have gone this far in life and kept a light within her own heart.

With Martha it’s not about, I can not see it now but it is prayer and the faith that it will be on table tomorrow (Hebrews 11:1). She has this gifted heart of selflessness and if you’ve met her, you can testify that her hand is never hesitant to help nor lead in the moment of a crisis to find a solution once a challenge presents itself.

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Martha is just not the beauty queen that meets the eye, though we have to admit that her eyes are such sessional features that go without saying. She also, however, possesses so many qualities of what a strong Christian leader should uphold and she admittedly shared with us, that being a Christian is not just about words but what we do in our lifetime and with this, she considered a political based slogan from the Bible in Acts 18:19 that is ACTS NOT DEEDS.

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She also tells us that growing up and going through different schools, she never removed her Rosary from her neck, but many a time, people have asked her to remove it, saying that it is not fashionable or it is sticking out to much but regardless she hasn’t bent to such social constructs that fail to define what she upholds. She is a confident lady, and what fuels her energy is what brought us to her scene and today we believe she’s a great oracle slowly being transformed.

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Forgetting not that Martha is just like any other campus student who has watched many iconic people grow from grass to grace, she tells us that she is of the view that every human should be given the opportunity to serve. And today, Martha is that responsible adult who challenges herself to outlive the comfort zone, achieve a different day outcome, help many and build unto the name of being a woman.

And surely the UCU community is such a platform she foresees to serve beyond her own energies but together with everyone in it to see a change.


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