Court slaps restraining order on UCU’s Sheena Bagaine over rape accusations

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The High court in Kampala has placed a restraining order on Sheena Bagaine after she accused Carlton Douglas Kasirye of rape in January 2020.

The court slapped a restraining order on Ms. Bagaine from making any defamatory statements on the Applicant but declined to compel her to delete the previously made statements as Mr. Kasirye had requested, until the determination of the main suit.

“A Temporary injunction doth issue against the Respondent, restraining her and/or her agents, representatives, assignees, successors in title, conspirators, apologists, or employees from any further publication of materials considered by the Applicant to be defamatory, abusive, threatening, intimidating, blackmailing, or that are in the genre of the materials that are subject of the complaint in the main suit; pending the determination of the main suit,” Justice Boniface Wamala stated in his decision.

In January 2020, Bagaine, who at that time used the Twitter handle @sheena_sheenzy, acted as a whistleblower, and allegedly published stories sent to her inbox by other ladies who accused male perpetrators of sexually harassing them.

Among the accused persons was Carlton Douglas Kasirye, a graduate of Law from Makerere University Kampala and then a student at the Law Development Centre (LDC).

Carlton, however, did not take these accusations lightly. He claimed innocence and consequently took the matter to court to seek legal redress.

In his lawsuit against Sheena, Carlton sought 2 billion shillings in compensation for damages.

In February 2020,  Sheena was detained for a night at CPS and released on police bond after being charged with offensive communication and cyberstalking.

Click here to read the full judgement.

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