CHAPTER 1: Chronicles Of A Fresher. Who Rules The Jungle?

Dear fresher, welcome to the jungle. But first things first, You need to know who is who. This leaves us with the question of who rules the jungle?

It is that time, where you no longer get to push around your crush. Because the real owners of the university are back, these ones don’t crush but “crunch”. Yes, the third year students. They rule the university.

The third year scavengers have learned the art, they will feast on the elite and the least fit.

So stand warned, the high school fairy tale is soon to end. Call it the doom of the boom.

The temptation to lose your virginity is on the verge because you are driven by the urge and these third year students will satisfy your urge.

Well, I hope you now understand who rules the university.

Well gaddamit let it go. Till next time.



Patrick Odongo

"Progress Not Perfection"