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June 12, 2020 Our Reporter

Samura Tales: How my relationship with my lecturer went bad and cost the whole class

With my poaching tactics, I registered a new catch, Claire – another brown skinned girl from Kiruhura, residing in Mary Stuart Hall. Claire w

May 20, 2020 Our Reporter

Samura Tales: I invited her for lunch and she came with condoms

Paula was lying on the couch with an orange dress, looking ripe and daring me to prove my abilities. Given that I had starved for about 2 months, m

April 17, 2020 Campus Sniper

Samura Tales: How I danced a Kyambogo University girl with a dry Wuhan till she left me with bruises of war

A lot of fun unfolded in Peter’s bed. Good Friday was indeed a good Friday. At around 6:00 pm, we executed a series of foreplay with kisses a

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