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December 23, 2020 Our Reporter

Sharpshooter Jerome released after Taata Bella ‘surrenders’

37-year-old Mugenyi Jerome has survived spending the festive season in the coolers after he was nabbed naked in another man’s bed. This websi

December 14, 2020 Mayanja Edrine Isaac

LADIES ONLY: How to keep your UNDER PARTS clean and healthy

Many girls till date refrain from talking or sharing tips on how to maintain feminine hygiene. However, it is important to know about vaginal hygie

October 21, 2020 Campus Sniper

Why classy and rich campus babes love dudes who are monsters in bed

A male friend of mine told me that he is interested in a woman he clearly knows is out of his league. He intimated that this particular woman is no

August 4, 2020 Our Reporter

Campus relationships have died a natural death during lockdown – Experts

Campus love birds have suffered a blow to their relationships due to the continuos closure of academic instituions across the country. With the reo

June 12, 2020 Our Reporter

Samura Tales: How my relationship with my lecturer went bad and cost the whole class

With my poaching tactics, I registered a new catch, Claire – another brown skinned girl from Kiruhura, residing in Mary Stuart Hall. Claire w

May 20, 2020 Our Reporter

Samura Tales: I invited her for lunch and she came with condoms

Paula was lying on the couch with an orange dress, looking ripe and daring me to prove my abilities. Given that I had starved for about 2 months, m

May 19, 2020 Mayanja Edrine Isaac

COVID-19: Desperate sexually starving nurse travels 170km to see her boyfriend, quarantined

It is reported that the nurse identified herself to police manning the lockdown as an essential service provider and hence was able to beat all tra

April 17, 2020 Campus Sniper

Samura Tales: How I danced a Kyambogo University girl with a dry Wuhan till she left me with bruises of war

A lot of fun unfolded in Peter’s bed. Good Friday was indeed a good Friday. At around 6:00 pm, we executed a series of foreplay with kisses a

March 13, 2020 Campus Sniper

Male perspective: What men need & don’t in a relationship

Men are not as vocal about their wants or feelings as women are and it can sometimes be difficult to know just what a man might want in a relations

February 16, 2020 Our Reporter

Should men ‘invest’ in girlfirend’s tuition?

The tricky part about giving anything, especially when it comes to large sums of money, is that it comes with expectations

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