Campus Remnant Mbabazi Patricia stands strong against religious poicy

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On a brief insight, to those still unaware, the policy is one of the many ways the devils in disguise have conjured up to strangle our faith and beliefs. I personally, on this regard, do not care who you are and what position you hold, for if you are in support of this policy, I might as well address you as the devil itself. The face of this policy they claim is to primarily enhance collaboration and streamline cooperation between the government and religious organizations in service delivery to the citizens and for the protection of them. You then would wonder how this has got to do with regulating religious bodies.

Part of this policy requires faith based organizations to be a medium through which government channels its programs and it gives the President the right to dictate what is meant to be preached and how it is supposed to be preached. In his communication on behalf of the government on Friday morning while at the Uganda Media Center, Ethics and Integrity minister, Fr. Simon Lokodo said, “Let everybody enjoy the provision of the constitution article 29.1C which gives you the provision to practice your religion in any direction you want.” If this be the case, then it means there is no need for a regulation if citizens have a legal right to practice their faith as they will. He also mentioned that the policy was only a sum of all the self-regulatory policies of the respective faiths and religious bodies. Looking further into this statement, you realize that the government in other words seeks to use a similar judgment scale to decide what is acceptable and what is not on faiths that have barely related beliefs.

In defence of the policy, Fr. Simon argued that they had made all necessary consultations from the citizenry, stakeholders, religious leaders and civil servants during its drafting. Unfortunately, the policy, they claim, has not been validated since because the same people consulted asked to be given time to obtain common ground before passing it. This however is an absolute lie because of all the prominent faith related ministries like Zoe Fellowship led by Prophet Elvis Mbonye, no consultations were made because they have radically been in disapproval of it. The only time they were consulted concerning the bill was for them to participate in its validation in a meeting they held at a disclosed location but the ministry declined. Clearly, no consultations have been made with ministries that have aggressively stood in opposition of the policy.

The government’s heirachy of administration has got different levels of operation; at its helms the president down to the least of the local councils. I firmly believe that if the government which instituted these positions of authority has failed to ensure proper service delivery, despite the power it holds, then there is not in any way regulating the church improves service delivery or implementation of its programs. The policy is simply another tool to silence the church that is currently rising in bold opposition of what is not right rulershi, a thing that Prophet Elvis Mbonye Ministries has been so vocally pushing up against and stayed extremely controversial concerning various governments policies that oppress the citizens and church as a whole. A few days ago, they reported once again their stand which they communucated in an official press release.

Growing up, I have always known the church as an entity that has always been and must remain independent of the government. The church has been known to be revered and respected. I have also grown to see politicians respect church leaders and the church entirely, something evident in the way in which they approached these religious heads to the extent that many of these leaders had a strong influence on decision making.

We all quote Jesus who said, “Give to Ceasor what belongs to Ceasor and to God what belongs to God”. This vividy reflects that Ceasor’s belongings would never be God’s belongings and that both bodies are parallel and independent of each other. I suggest, the government moves to realign the people that citizens entrusted with power to perform these duties or better still, hold them accountable for their valueless returns after expending the tax payers’ money. There is already in place enforceable laws to deal with them that they must make use of rather than infringe on the operations of religious organizations.

I have read from the bible what is recorded from ancient bible history. It clearly shows that during those times of old, it was actually the priests and prophets that determined how governments (kingdoms) were run. The rulers and kings of the days only did and pursued that whch the Lord said through his servants, especially the prophets. Over time, it was the role of the church to determine the course of nations and the leaders that heeded their words had remarkable reigns unlike those that objected what these prophets said. Could this then be a fight against Prophet Elvis Mbonye for his countless controversial statements and for failing to be price tagged by the current regime?

The path of doom Uganda will tread is not just apparent but perfectly outlined because it seems to be losing focus if such policies are even being made up and offered platform as worth debating about. How far shall we fall from the relevance of “For God and my country”, where our first priority is God’s take on our nation’s affairs? The prophet who has infallible and credible proofs of fulfilled prophecies nationally and internationally has given word sure enough that you do well to heed and side with because knowing the mind of God for this nation and its rightful purpose, he took his stand against this policy.

I therefore call upon all well-meaning people, christian student bodies, social icons, leaders in all capacities including those from the fashion fraternity to rally in unison against this demonic policy. It is very deadly, it affects us all and the frontiers of it are puppets being used of the government to wipe out our religious freedom. The propagaters of it are foolish and very un discerning hypocrites trying to sell out the church to the fallen systems of this world in exchange for a mossel of bread. Let us deliberately go forth in full force to highly condemn and deem this as evil together with its proposers. With one voice and accord, we choose to say no to religious oppression.


Mbabazi Patricia

The writer is a Global fashion icon and inspiration

A Campus Remnant and spiritual son of the Prophet

A fanatic and staunch follower of the Prophet

She also recently was a part of the miss tourism Uganda emerging one of the best in top 10

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