Campus relationships have died a natural death during lockdown – Experts

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Campus love birds have suffered a blow to their relationships due to the continuos closure of academic instituions across the country. With the reopening date seemingly out if sight, many more relationships will suffer casualities as couples abandon the love boat.

President Museveni has frequently delivered heartbreaking announcements as he kept schools closed, something that has kept the couples worried and severely hurt.

To the single ladies and gentlemen at campus, it is a win for them as they are set to freely proceed with various entanglements until further notice.

For campus couples, it will be really hard most especially because they are used to staying together, hanging out, and having numerous romps during sleepovers.

Students are now anxiously waiting for the next presidential address after he promised to make a big decision on reopening of schools before September.

If he decides to push the reopening until 2020 like in Kenya, there will be a series of breakups after breakups.

Many are likely to part ways because of factors like distance, trust issues, communication.

Some relationships will resurrect towards the reopening of schools but until then, many remain on tension.

Some may sadly never hear from their partners again as they have moved on and decided to date people from their hometowns in a bid to avoid loneliness.

For all those single ladies and men out there, don’t rush into premature relationships whose heartbreak you can’t bear.

I wish all couples the very best!

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