CAMPUS HUSTLER: The story of a surviving business amidst COVID

It’s common practice among campusers to try and earn side income as they study but with the closure of campuses across the country most of this hustles have possibly gone down the drain. But this is not the case with the three MUBS entrepreneurs dealing in assorted millet flour, the Ankole flour.

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Wiston,Timothy and Asaph all students at Nakawa based, Makerere University Business School have been able to ensure continuity in their business and here is how.

Given the nature of the COVID time, they say they have had to normalise more of deliveries especially in Kampala and the suburbs as these areas possess the most demand. Further more, to reach a bigger market they have had to opt for digital marketing especially using the less costly platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp groups thus continued engagements with loyal customers.

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Given they charge affordable prices as low as 4000 per kg, the lockdown has seen a rise in the demand with more attention being given to home deliveries although the most reliable clientele is campus students who are currently home, mostly upcountry.

The biggest challenge so far is the cost of production. This has been countered by multiplying deliveries especially through the boda boda services.

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Conclusively, they believe that students need to focus on trying to make their hustle more adaptive given the changing times and COVID being the new normal.


Patrick Odongo

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