CAM #WCW: Meet MAK’s Voluptuous, Succulent & Beautiful Nina Ahamye

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When we talk about beauty, you would definetly never understand unless you have met the blazing hot Nina Ahamye from the Ivory Tower.

Nina Ahamye is one of the students that have completed their Bachelors Degree but awaiting results and graduation.

Her beauty is mouth watering

She has been a student at Uganda’s biggest University for the last 3 years and over these years, she has been a resident at the famous Studio Flats.

On first sight, you might mistake her for a heaven sent Angel because of outstanding beauty that is brought to life by her sexciting dimples, curves plus her ‘come and get’ smile.

Her beauty is mouth watering

Nina Ahamye who has been persuing BBA has surely sent a number of boys in Kikoni into debt.

She is every campus guy’s dream girl

The Campus Sniper has learnt that most of these boys in debt have acquired debts just to impress her but she has repeatedly turned them down sending them into a frustration phase that can only be overcome by reckless spending on alcohol.

The jaw dropping beauty is an ambitious lady. She is not your typical kind of slay queen always waiting for free money. Nina hits the ground without hesistation and works for every penny she enjoys.

She is the definition of beauty

For the past 2 years, she has been spotted selling champagne and wine at the famous Mitchellex Trade Bazaar and this explains why she is one of the few Campus boss ladies.

Nina is every campus dude’s dream girl but sorry if you are not special in what you do, you are not her type.

If you can date a girl of her type, then you are a real man

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