CAM SAY: A Suspension That Has Killed A Lifetime of Dreams For MAK Student Obedgiu Kwokuboth Jalmeo

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Obedgiu Kwokuboth Jalmeo, a Bachelors of Education student at Makerere University was kicked out of the University last year following a series of activism activities he has indulged. He has been a clear figurehead in fights such as, ‘Togikwatako’, ‘OTT standoff’, ‘Free Stella Nyanzi’, ‘Women’s Lives Matter’ among others.

Having joined Makerere in 2014, this young zealous man has been at almost every demonstration that has arisen of a noble cause. His indulgence in the tuition increment scandal that caused so much uproar however seemingly landed him in much more trouble than anyone had foreseen.

Obed during his days at the Ivory Tower

“Recently, a friend offered me a teaching place at one of the very prestigious schools after knowing of my poetry prowess. One requirement however sought my academic papers, I had none.” Recalls Obed as he reminisces on how a juicy job offer bypassed him because of a suspension he received a year ago.

Obed with ‘People Power’ pressure group leader – Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine

The 15% cumulative tuition increment is one in which the University management and council deemed it fit that tuition be increased by 15% for every Freshman for 5years running. This means that a course which was once paying 1.2m will overtime pay about 2.5m. The increment further affected the functional fees payable to the University.

Obed at FDC HQ

The whole students body rose up in arms against this policy they considered too rediculous. Their uprising was however marked with the suspension of 8 of the ring leaders and issuance of warning letters to anyone who said anything negative about the policy.

Now, Obed is still out in the wind struggling to find his way back to the university, but by the look of things, the University will have none of this man they already termed as a ‘Hooligan’

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