Busoga region leaders urge government to establish a public university in their region

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Various leaders from Busoga have tasked the government to establish a public university in their region in a bid to enable students access higher education.

The remarks were made as the stakeholders welcomed the elevation of Jinja to city status this month.

The leaders cite the fact that the high costs of living in Kampala are a hindrance to those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and thus make them unable to attend universities in Kampala such as Makerere and Uganda Christian University.

Aa few years ago, governement had pledged to convert Busoga University to a public university, however, this hasn’t materialized to date.

They have now urged government to respond to their appeal for a higher education institution just as has been done in other parts of the country such as Muni University in West Nile, Soroti University in Teso region, Busitema University in Eastern region and Kabale University on South Western Uganda.

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