Bunyoro students urge government to open a university in the region

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A section of students from the Bunyoro sub-region has raised concerns about the lack of a government higher education institution in the region.

The students are re-echoing a message that has also been previously raised by various leaders in from Bunyoro region.

According to Byamukama Solomon, a Uganda Christian University (UCU) student who is pushing for the cause, promises for the establishment of the institution date back as far as 2000.

President Museveni reassured them back in 2014 that plans for the university were underway.

In 2016, Gulu University built a campus in the region, which was named Bunyoro University but it was closed shortly after due to rofts between the administration and kingdom officials.

They are currently engaging various stakeholders as they seek an institution.

The students are collaborating with various legislators and are set to start a fundraising campaign to support the cause.

We shall keep you posted.

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