BREAKING NEWS: Kyambogo University Student Murdered By Mob

Kyambogo university on sad note announced the sudden death of one of their own students in the names of NAHABWE NOBERT, REGISTRATION NUMBER 18/U/TAD/14851/PE.

According to the Kyambogo Guild Information Minister, Kabodha Saidi, the deceased student left campus on Wednesday evening for Gayaza to visit his sister to get some financial support since the semester had just begun but little did he know it was his last night. As fate would have it, Nahabwe never reached Gayaza that night.

The following morning his body was discovered by police in kasenge Gayaza when he was dead and burnt .

The sister kept calling on his phones but they had gone off. Friends also tried calling on his phone but it was all in vain.

Police took the dead body to Mulago hospital where his relatives found it after a serous struggle of tearful hustle yesterday morning.

“It was brought to the guild notice yesterday afternoon when one his friends raised the complain about his missing colleague and only to discover it was too late to intervene because he had been innocently murdered and thereafter maliciously burnt,” Kabodha says.

According to the police letter addressed to the university, Nahabwe was murdered by a mob for reasons yet to be known because investigations are ongoing and one suspect is already in police custody.


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