Body of Ugandan student who died in Russia returned home

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The body of Isaac Wanderemah, a 22-year-old Ugandan student who passed away in Russia a few months ago has been returned to the country.

The late Isaac was pursuing a course in Aircraft Engineering at Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) and died after reportedly falling from the 12th floor of a building in Moscow.

According to his colleagues, Isaac was reportedly battling with depression.

The Russian authorities had initially given the late Isaac’s family a 10-day ultimatum to repatriate the body or have the remains burnt but this seemed to have been waived.

He was returned home 8 weeks after his demise.

“It is indeed a big miracle to have President Museveni. For us to have this body here in Uganda is a miracle because we had been given only 10 days to repatriate the body or have it buried in Moscow. At least, we can now breathe. I thank the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Embassy Mission of Uganda in Moscow and particularly President Museveni for miraculously supporting the repatriation,” the deceased’s father stated after receiving the remains.

Burial will take place on Friday this week.

May the soul of the deceased Rest in Peace.

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