Bobi Wine: Museveni and his failed regime used Money to impeach Tundulu

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A day ago, Kyambogo University’s Guild President Tundulu Jonathan who is affiliated to people power movement was impeached by the GRC sitting for cases attributed to poor leadership.

After this impeachment, Bobi Wine through one of his social media pages attributed this impeachment to harrasemnent by Guild Leaders attached to people power by the regime not bad leadership as they claim.

He further says there is enough evidence that clearly proves ISO and regime were behind Tundulu’s impeachment for their selfish reasons.

Read Bobi Wine’s post below.

I have been following the trials and tribulations visited on several Guild Presidents who won under #PeoplePower. In several cases, these are being orchestrated by some elements within the security agencies. After beating the regime in so many guild elections, they resorted to intimidating and harassing these comrades. Now they are trying to remove them from office! Indeed, yesterday we witnessed the state machinated unseating of the People Power Guild President of Kyambogo University H.E. Tundulu Jonathan. All evidence, including audio recordings show that the GRCs and Guild Ministers were paid to carry out this impeachment. The regime having impoverished the people, believes in using money to buy them into doing anything. This must stop, this shall stop. It is also very sad to see young people being used to retain a 33 year old tired dictatorship just for little tokens. I want to call upon the young generation not to be led into temptations by their tormenters. I thank the students of Kyambogo University who have stood and continue to stand by their Guild President. We are with you. 

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