Big plates disappear from UCU’s Dinning hall, students concerned

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At the eve of the global deadly Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of changes have taken shape of almost everything.

At Mukono-based Uganda Christian University, the new normal came with the disappearing of big-usual-plates from Janan Luwum dining hall something that has left students speaking volumes.

Our sources reveal that the act was done deliberately to slim-fit the budget. To students, this is glances at as the ‘thuggery’ of the highest order.

“We no longer receive enough share as we used. Some days we remain hungry,” a student who preferred anonymity said.

It is still unclear whether these complaints shall be adhered to as administrators seem unbothered.

“The entire world is operating abnormally, it is therefore clear that UCU could not be exceptional. We are not angels,” one administrator was quoted saying.

Meanwhile, students have continued crying loud about the general treatment which they termed ‘unfair’.

Our team is on the ground to fetch you more developments.

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