Basoga Nseette crowned UCU Annual Guild Cultural Gala champions

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The event which was staged over the weekend is till now the talk all-over the Mukono based campus.

The Gala that was hosted in the multipurpose Nkoyoyo Hall and included different tribalistic cultures displays like the Baganda-Nkobazambogo, Itesots, Langis, Bakiga, Great Ankole, Bamasaba, Basoga Nseette, the international cultures like the South Sudanese, the Yoruba from Nigeria among others.

The event included various performance like local mimes, cultural dressing, cultural dances.

By the end of the long shiny Saturday the Basoga Nseette were crowned the champions which no one doubted due to the fantastic display that aroused the amassing crowd.

The Itesots came in 2nd position and the Baganda-Nkobazambogo tied with the Bamasaba in the 3rd position before the International students came last in the 13th position.

Best performers like Atuheirwe Denise who was the best cultural mime performer as she represented the Bakonjjo were rewarded.

Mr. & Mrs. Culture were also crowned on the event.

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