Author: Patrick Odongo

July 22, 2020 Patrick Odongo

Former MUBS guild president Ntende to run for MP

As the political season materialises, many aspirants have come out to launch their campaigns for the different electoral positions. So is the case

June 27, 2020 Patrick Odongo

PHOTOS: Former MUBS gender minister hitched in scientific wedding

Surely the lockdown has been a blessing to a few people. Among these is Nassimbwa Angella, a former gender minister in the 2018 students guild at M

June 12, 2020 Patrick Odongo

MUBS’ Betsam hostel CCTV footage disappears as askaris flee

The hostel custodian claims that the security cameras have been faulty since the semester’s untimely closure. and have only been repaired of

June 10, 2020 Patrick Odongo

CAMPUS HUSTLER: The story of a surviving business amidst COVID

Given they charge affordable prices as low as 4000 per kg, the lockdown has seen a rise in the demand with more attention being given to home deliv

June 10, 2020 Patrick Odongo

MUBS’ Betsam Hostel denies liability for students’ stolen property

The agitated students have threatened to take legal action against the hostel management if fails to replace their stolen property

June 10, 2020 Patrick Odongo

WCW: MUBS’ gorgeous songbird Dina Rukoti

We caught up with Dina in this lockdown and we had a chat about what she has been up to

June 9, 2020 Patrick Odongo

EXCLUSIVE: Students’ property being stolen at MUBS hostels

The perpetrators of this mess, made off with their flat screen TV, refrigerator, beddings, mattress,gas cylinder among other items

June 5, 2020 Patrick Odongo

Old Budonians donate to their former teachers

Under the stewardship of their president,Jimmy Rodger Katende. They managed to collect over 15 million shillings from members both locally and in t

May 13, 2020 Patrick Odongo

MUBS loses another student in indoor accident

It is reported that the late Ssande sustained a head injury after he slid while in the bathroom

May 12, 2020 Patrick Odongo

OPINION: A stranded campuser through the eyes of a Guild leader

As we awaited the elapse of the initial 30 days, we were hopeful about the resumption of the semester. However, more tough measures were announced

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