Armed thugs attack UCU hostel

Residents of Diz Girls hostel got the shock of their lives in the early hours of Friday morning after a robbery attempt by a group of thugs.

The incident that occurred around 4 AM involved a group of 4 armed thugs that forcefully gained access by jumping over the perimeter walls.

Thereafter, they threatened occupants and attempted to break the doors so as to take some loot.

The security guard on duty nearly fell victim to the thieves but survived arrows that were aimed at him using a bow. He was able to run for dear life and flee to safety.

Many residents were left panicking, shocked and in fear with some suggesting that such an incident could occur once again if security is not improved. Luckily, nothing was taken and none of the residents was harmed.

Diz Girls hostel is a small and little known girls hostel located close to Mandela hostel.


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