Alfa Karamagi donates to Mc Casmir’s tuition fundraising campaign

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Alfa Karamagi of Cyclops Defence Systems limited in Lugogo has donated 500 thousand shillings to Mc Casmir’s tuition raise campaign.

Mc Casmir started the campaign in October 2020 with the aim of raising funds meant to help students whose families have been constrained financially as a result of coronavirus restrictions.

Alfa Karamagi advised Mc Casmir to spread the campaign to high schools as well and promised to give a helping hand as part of his Corporate Social Responsibility for his company every year.

“I am going to make my first tuition contribution late January of 2021 and this campaign will continue and grow bigger every semester as we continue to support education and reduce dropouts rate caused by the failure of finishing tuition fees,” Alfa Karamagi mentioned.


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