Akamweesi Hostel Nakawa residents vow to strike after management bans sleepovers

Akamweesi hostel bans play stations

Recently, Olympia Hostel introduced tight rules on visitors that residents found hard to adjust to.

Latest info landing this news desk indicates that Akamwesi Hostel, one of the posh residences at Makerere University Business School has follow suited and implemented even more hostile rules.

One of the rules that was implemented was that there will be no sleep overs without permission.

When the news of the new rules landed in the ears of residents, they vowed to strike because they can’t live without sexual pleasure which usually happens at night. ” We shall strike. This is violating our rights, how do you tell me sleepovers have been banned yet my girlfriend is at Valley Courts hostel. She shares a room with a roommate and I can’t sleep at her place so she definitely has to come to my single room.” A one Mark, a resident of the hostel told our reporter.


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