Aheebwa Martin opts out of UCU’s Non-Residents MP race

Martin Aheebwa, a student who was vying for the Non-Residents MP office at Uganda Christian University has quit the race, Campus Cam has learned.

While speaking to our reporter, Aheebwa said he opted out because of the recent extension of the UCU election date which interfered with his other errands. He further revealed that he had other commitments to focus on which collided with the new election date.

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Sources recently revealed that Aheebwa was set to quit the race citing different reasons, for example, he was eyeing an MP race in his constituency. Aheebwa, however, dismissed these claims as lies and urged people to disregard them.

He also denied claims that he had previously uttered statements in which he mentioned that he didn’t trust the electoral commission. He revealed that he is confident that the body is credible enough to organize a free and fair election.

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He concluded by apologizing to his supporters who had trusted him and rallied behind him saying that he was also frustrated by circumstances that are beyond his own making.

We have been reliably informed the electoral commission chairperson has already received a letter to this effect.  However, we are still waiting for their comment.

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We shall keep you posted.