A bachelor’s guide to being lit this festive season

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Rules of being LIT. By Mr_Mugi (@_MuGisha_)

  1. When you feel the need to call your crush and ask her where he/she is…the best thing to do is to switch off your phone and give it to your sober friend…then continue enjoying your night!!! PLEASE, DON’T MAKE STUPID DECISIONS THIS DECEMBER!!

  2. She’s not that cute…YOU ARE JUST DRUNK!! trust me, you don’t have to go home with them!! RESPECT YOURSELF

  3. You don’t miss them…It’s the ALCOHOL mixed with HORN!! Go back to rule number One!!


  5. You don’t have to take each and every shot that’s being served…What are you trying to prove?? Exactly!! Sit this one out!!! They won’t beat you

  6. Don’t swipe your card when lit….unless you’re mentally prepared for the pain that’s finna hit you in the morning…RELAX!!!sibyampaka

  7. Respect the people around you..don’t be a nuisance!! You can’t see it but people can see it..if you feel lit…try and sit down…Think about your retakes!!

  8. Lastly, wobeera ofunye SURE, mwana Yambala….Don’t make STUPID RECKLESS DECISIONS because of Alcohol!!

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